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Current Student Centre

Joel Meszaros

Student Success Coordinator

Joel is here to serve and support students in all areas of making the journey here at ACTS successful.

Liisa Polkki

Director of Enrolment

Liisa oversees enrolment by leading the admission strategy and connecting ACTS with potential students.

Kevin O’Coin

Associate Director of Enrolment

Kevin helps Canadian students with enrolment, course registration, and general advising needs.

Priscilla Kim

Graduate Enrolment Advisor, Chaplain

Priscilla specializes in aiding international students in all areas from admission to enrolment.

Student Resource Hub The Student Resource Hub is where current students can access important information, talk to advisors or prayer partners, and connect to the student portal.

Student Resources

Important Dates 

Download the ACTS Academic Calendar Dates 2020-2023

Student Handbook

When you enroll at ACTS Seminaries, you become a student of both your host seminary and Trinity Western University. We are pleased to welcome you to this unique community of learning in what we hope will be a life-changing educational experience. The  TWU Student Handbook is here to help you understand who we are as a Christ-centered academic community and what standards we expect you to uphold during your studies. 

Course Registration

You can review the Course Schedule available on the ACTS website. When you're ready to register for courses, log into the TWU Student Portal.

The deadline to add or drop a course is the second week of each semester.

Course Needs Tool

The Course Needs system will show you which degree program requirements you have already fulfilled, which are unfulfilled and which are in progress in the current semester. Course Needs also allows you to search the registration database for upcoming sections of courses that you need in order to fulfill your program requirements.

As you can see, the Course Needs tool can be rather helpful ask you plan out your studies. 

Academic Resources

There are a variety of resources on the ACTS website.

Student Transcript

ACTS students have immediate access to their current student academic records through the Office of the Registrar. You can also review your transcript anytime by downloading your current unofficial transcript by logging into Student Portal.

This allows you to check your previous course history (courses taken, grades achieved), confirm the status of your current and most recent classes and to see your current cumulative GPA. Use this data to double-check and fill out your program template as you do program planning.

Course Withdrawal

For all course withdrawal needs, please refer to the Office of the Registrar’s website, under the title, "COURSE WITHDRAWAL FOR GRADUATE STUDIES (SELECT PROGRAMS) & ALL ACTS STUDENTS." Please let your advisor know if you have any questions.

Bullying, Harassment and Sexualized Violence Policy

ACTS Seminaries is committed to providing a community in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity, free from bullying and harassment. We consider bullying and harassment to be serious offences and will not tolerate behaviour that may undermine the respect, dignity, self-esteem, or productivity of any student, faculty, staff, or administrative member. Sexualized violence is a significant and systemic issue for society and higher education in particular, and can affect anyone irrespective of gender, age, sexual orientation, abilities, and racial, cultural, or economic backgrounds. As a seminary community rooted in evangelical Christian denominations, acts of sexualized violence of any kind are completely unacceptable.

If you have any concerns about possible bullying or harassment, the Contact Persons listed below are your point of initial contact. All have been trained in dealing with bullying and harassment issues. Your initial discussion with a Contact Person is confidential. If a complaint of bullying or harassment is to proceed into a formal investigation, then the complaint must be put into written form. In the event a complaint is received regarding the ACTS Society Leadership Team, the Senior Harassment Officer shall serve as the Contact Person and will initiate an investigation through an external investigator, notifying the Executive Committee of the ACTS Board.

Senior Harassment Prevention Officer: Liisa Polkki
Contact Person: Brian Cooper
Contact Person: Priscilla Kim

Bullying and Harassment Policy
Sexualized Violence Policy