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Brian Cooper, PhD

Associate Professor of Theology
Director of Student Development
Program Chair for the Master of Divinity
MB Seminary



Every Christian is a theologian. Brian’s passion is to help believers do theology well and to understand how to engage cultural issues, theological and historical texts, and Scripture deeply in order to meaningfully bring Kingdom values to bear on their context and impact their world for Jesus Christ. 

Brian’s hobbies are roasting and brewing coffee, mechanical pocket watches, and fountain pens. For exercise, he enjoys cycling, exercising on his cross-country ski trainer, and playing softball and hockey. Brian is also a bit of a car nut and backyard mechanic.

How does the Bible inform your life and teaching?
The bible, through a multitude of stories, provides the grand narrative that shows us who God is, what the world God made is like, and why human being exist. As I read the story that unfolds in Scripture, and more, find myself in it, I find myself changed, often in surprising ways. I teach hoping that students will experience the same transformation that I have experienced.

Why do you value a theological education?
Theological education is about equipping people to think faithfully and wisely as disciples and leaders. I believe that students receiving theological education are, in part, receiving training that helps them discern what kind of questions they ought to be asking in life, and tools to help address those questions. That kind of education lasts a lifetime.

What are some of the diverse voices you incorporate into your teaching?
I teach courses in theology and the history of Christianity, so I incorporate two main kinds of voices from the Christian tradition. First, I expose students to voices of people from religious traditions to which they are not normally exposed so that students can benefit from perspectives beyond their own. Second, I make sure to add some voices from the "other" side of theological disagreements so that students can engage theological issues and controversies more honestly, and without caricaturing others.

What do you hope your students get out of your classes?
A student in one of my theology classes that had a section on bible and revelation told me that she would never read the bible the same way again. In context, that was a good thing, I hasten to add. That is the kind of transformative experience I want for all of my students. I want theology to come to life not only for them, but in them.

Why are you at ACTS Seminaries?
I am a part of ACTS Seminaries because I want to change the world, and I want to help others be a part of changing the world after the pattern of the kingdom of God.


BSc - University of Manitoba

MDiv - Northwest Baptist Seminary/Trinity Western University 

ThM (Theology) - Wycliffe College 

PhD (Theological Ethics) - University of St. Michael’s College

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Theology and its Practice 
Cultural Issues 
History of the Church 
Interpretation of Scripture 

Courses Taught 
Believers Church Theology
Systematic Theology 
God who Creates, Sustains and Redeems
Redemption Applied and Consummated
Christian Ethics
Church History 
Theology and Culture

Image of Brian Cooper, PhD