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Meet the Faculty

William Badke, MTh

ACTS Librarian

Don (Dongshin) Chang, PhD

Associate Professor of Biblical Studies

Jongwon Choi, PhD

Assistant Professor of Church History and Intellectual History

S. Min Chun, DPhil

Director of Christian Worldview Studies Program

Brian Cooper, PhD

Associate Professor of Theology

Muzhi Ge, PhD 葛牧之博士

Director of Mandarin Theology Program 中文神学部主任

Bruce L. Guenther, PhD

Professor of Church History and Mennonite Studies

Mark Husbands, PhD

President & Vice-Chancellor of Trinity Western University

Jeehoon Kim, PhD

Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies

Andrew Krause, PhD

ACTS Academic Director

Michael Morelli, PhD

Assistant Professor of Theology, Culture and Ethics

Bernard Mukwavi, DMin

Academic Dean of Canadian Baptist Seminary

Steve Nicolle, DPhil

Associate Professor of Linguistics

Jonathan Numada, PhD

Dean of Northwest Seminary, Director of the Korean Global Leadership Program

Larry J. Perkins, PhD

Professor of Biblical Studies

Barton Priebe, DMin

President of Northwest Seminary

Guy Saffold, EdD

Associate Professor of Leadership

Kevin Schular, DMin

President of Canadian Baptist Seminary

Archie Spencer, ThD

Professor of Theology

Clement Tong, PhD

Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies

Doug Trick, DMin

Associate Professor of Linguistics

Mark Wessner, PhD

President of MB Seminary, Associate Professor of Biblical Studies for Leadership

Randy Wollf, PhD

Dean of MB Seminary, Associate Professor of Practical Theology and Leadership Studies

Gloria Woodland, DMin

Associate Professor of Chaplaincy Studies & Spiritual Care

Paul Seung-Hun Yang, PhD

Professor of Christian Worldview Studies

Adjunct Faculty

T Anderson, DMin

Adjunct Faculty

Dirk Buchner, DLitt

Professor of Religious Studies, TWU

Paul Chamberlain, PhD

Associate Professor of Apologetics

Joan DeVries, PhD

Adjunct Faculty

Dongri Wu

Adjunct Faculty

Erich Engler, PhD

Adjunct Faculty

Joseph Jeon, PhD

Adjunct Faculty

Kirk Kauffeldt

Adjunct Faculty

Byungsuk Kim, DMin

Adjunct Faculty

Euijong Kim, PhD

Adjunct Faculty

Loraine Klassen

Adjunct Faculty

Sugho Lee, PhD

Adjunct Faculty

King Lo, PhD

Adjunct Faculty

Kathryn Morelli

Adjunct Faculty

Justin Napier

Adjunct Faculty

Mark Naylor, ThD

Coordinator of the Centre for Intercultural Leadership Development

Kevin O'Coin, DMin

Adjunct Faculty

Jin Gyung Park

Adjunct Faculty

Soo Jun Park, DMin

Adjunct Faculty

Slava Petlitsa

Adjunct Faculty

Alisha Stobbe, MA

Adjunct Faculty

Tamara Strijack, MA

Adjunct Faculty

Philip Tse, DMin

Spiritual Health Practitioner

Anne Tuppurainen, PhD

Adjunct Professor

Qiang Yu

Adjunct Faculty