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Seminary Online

At ACTS Seminaries, we make your ministry education more accessible by offering online, live-stream and intensive study options. Some courses are fully online, in which case your course professor will guide your learning journey through an online platform and regular email communication. In online courses, you will also collaborate with other students through methods like online forums. Similarly, live-stream options provide the opportunity to participate in class with others, even if you can't attend in person.

ACTS World Campus

ACTS World Campus offers high-quality, context-based online courses that you can take from anywhere in the world. You will join a vibrant community of online learners and mentors who share your passion to love God more deeply and serve God more effectively. Courses run for eight weeks and are designed to fit your schedule. You can take World Campus courses towards your degree program or as standalone courses for personal or professional interest.

ACTS World Campus courses feature:

  • Professionally-developed instructional content by ACTS faculty that you can access through course videos, audio podcasts, or written text

  • Course mentors who will help guide you in your learning journey

  • Interactive forums where you can engage in deep and meaningful discussions with peers on your own time

  • Practical assignments that will help you test and apply course ideas in your work, ministry or community setting

Want to share what you’re learning? ACTS World Campus can also work with your church or other Christian organizations to offer our online courses as a part of in-house training initiatives (either for credit or as non-formal training).

ACTS World Campus is an open door to a highly accessible way of learning. Grow your love of God, understanding of the gospel and your impact on the world around you.

Registration Note:

All ACTS World Campus courses are open for registration until the first day of class. Once the class has begun, students wishing to drop or withdraw from the class must follow course add/drop instructions on the student forms page. Tuition (excluding fees) refund rates are as follows:

  • Weeks 1 - 2: 100%

  • Week 3: 60%

  • Week 4: 50%

  • Week 5: 40%

  • Weeks 6 - 8: 0%

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I became a student at ACTS in Fall 2020, and now I'm studying Christian Worldview for MA Degree. The highlight moment of my time at ACTS was having an experience in which a way of learning and living come together. Learning didn't end with just studying. Under the circumstances of Covid-19, it was not easy to gather. However, we come together at Zoom meetings, worshiping and having fellowship.

Judong Ro

Master of Arts - Christian Worldview Studies (Korean)