Don (Dongshin) Chang, PhD


Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies
Northwest Baptist Seminary

Don Chang has been a pastor, a scholar, a teacher, but has also worked as a general labourer. Committing his life to the ministry of the Word of God, he left a secure position and has been through a dynamic life. His variety of life experiences as well as his academic and pastoral practices will be merged into balanced and sympathetic teaching here at ACTS Seminaries. 

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BA - Chung–Ang University 

MDiv in Theology (Summa Cum Laude) - Sungkyul Christian University and Canadian Theological Seminary 

MA in Biblical Studies (with Distinction) - Trinity Western University 

PhD in Religions and Theology (Biblical Studies) - University of Manchester 

Image of Don (Dongshin) Chang, PhD


Biblical Theology 
High Priest and Priesthood in the Second Temple period 
Second Temple Judaism 
Dead Sea Scrolls and Septuagint 
History of Interpretation 

Courses Taught: 
Introduction to the Biblical Studies 
Research Strategies 
Exposition of Isaiah 
Introductory Greek 
New Testament Survey 
Introduction to Evangelical Theology 
Biblical Theology of Change, Boundary-crossing, and Missio Dei (co-teaching) 
Biblical Theology of Kingdom Leadership Serving the Missio Dei (co-teaching)

Image of Don (Dongshin) Chang, PhD