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Doug Trick, DMin


Associate Professor of Linguistics
Canada Institute of Linguistics


Doug served in Bible translation ministry for 25 years in SE Asia before coming here.  His favourite authors include CS Lewis, John Eldredge, and George MacDonald; favourite artists include Michael Card and Steve Bell. Doug enjoys reading, listening to music, praying, watching movies, cycling, and hanging out with his wife, kids, and grandkids.

How does the Bible inform your life and teaching?
Scripture is a prominent means by which God reveals Himself - but of course He uses human language. All peoples of the world should hear from Him in languages and media that communicate clearly to them!

Why do you value a theological education?
How/what I think about God is one of the most important matters in my life.

What are some of the diverse voices you incorporate into your teaching?
Eugene Nida, Millie Larson, Lamin Sanneh, Ernst August-Gutt, Christiane Nord, David Bellos, Philip Noss, Marta Cheung, Roy Harris

What do you hope your students get out of your classes?
Greater love and devotion to God, appreciation for His gift of communication, passion to be used by Him to bless others.

Why are you at ACTS Seminaries?
ACTS is a wonderful place for learning and growing together in general; specifically our partnership (CanIL and ACTS) enables us both to "seek first God's Kingdom and HIs righteousness" in ways that neither could do alone.

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BRE - Providence College 

MA (Linguistics) - University of Texas 

DMin (Bible Translation) - Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary 

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The nature of language and communication
The myth of literal language
Language and Community

Courses Taught: 
Principles of Translation
Language Programs Design & Management
Philosophical Perspectives in Linguistics
Semantics and Pragmatics

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