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Jongwon Choi, PhD


Assistant Professor of Church History and Intellectual History
Vancouver Institute for Evangelical Worldview

Dr. Choi's main research area includes late medieval English history including Wycliffe and the Lollard movement. In addition, he is working on revisiting and reconstructing church history. He teaches medieval intellectual history, modern intellectual history, church history, and Christianity and historical awareness. He enjoys camping and kayaking in the great outdoors of Canada.

Image of Jongwon Choi, PhD


BAA, Kyunghee University

MA, Kyunghee University

Ph.D, Birmingham University, UK

Image of Jongwon Choi, PhD


Areas of Expertise:

Medieval European history
Modern European history
Church history
Christianity in Korea

His recent publications won several awards and recognitions: 

The Early Church History, Revisited, Hongseongsa, 2018
: Best book of the Year 2018 by Kookmin Daily Newspaper. 
  Special award for expanding horizon 2019 by CTK Korea 

From Text to Context, Viator, 2019
: Book of the Year 2019 by Kookmin Daily Newspaper
  Book of the year 2020 by CTK Korea

A History of Church Councils, Viator, 2020
: Book of the Year 2020 by Kookmin Daily Newspaper

The Medieval Church History, Revisited, Hongseongsa, 2020
: 2021 Sejong books awarded by Publication Industry Promotion Agency of Korea

Image of Jongwon Choi, PhD