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Andrew Krause, PhD


ACTS Academic Director
Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies

Andrew Krause recently took the reins of the ACTS Academic Director’s Office. He was born and raised in central British Columbia, and he is thrilled to have returned to his home province. Prior to ACTS, he held postdoctoral research positions in the Exzellenzcluster „Religion und Politik“ at Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität in Münster, Germany and the Department of Classical and Ancient Mediterranean Studies at Pennsylvania State University (i.e., Penn State). He developed a love for and vocational calling in scholarship and academic administration while still an undergraduate student at Columbia Bible College. 

Dr. Krause’s research focuses on prayer, liturgy, and assembly traditions in ancient Judaism and early Christianity, as well as what this means for congregations today. He is currently writing a commentary on 2 Makkabees (SBL Commentary on the Septuagint) and a book-length project regarding the various definitions of synagogues in the ancient world before the 4th century CE. He is also co-chair of the ‘Prayer in Antiquity’ section of the Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meetings. 

In his spare time, he enjoys reading, watching films, hiking, playing basketball and soccer, and drinking (too much) coffee.  



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Bachelor of Arts – Biblical Studies – Columbia Bible College

Master of Arts – Old Testament/Hebrew Bible – Regent College

Doctor of Philosophy – Early Judaism & Christian Origins  – McMaster University

Image of Andrew Krause, PhD


The Old Testament and Its Early Interpretation

Gospels, Acts, and Historical Jesus Studies

Ancient Synagogues

Dead Sea Scrolls

The Septuagint & Apocrypha

Ancient Jewish Prayer & Liturgy



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Biblical Languages

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