Larry J. Perkins, PhD


Professor of Biblical Studies
JWW Institute for Septuagint Studies Fellow
Northwest Baptist Seminary

Since 1978 Dr. Perkins has taught biblical studies at undergraduate and graduate level. His primary focus is New Testament, particularly exegetical and hermeneutical issues related to the Gospel of Mark, 1 Peter and Galatians. He also teaches New Testament Theology, Exposition of Romans, Jesus and the Kingdom, Greek Exegesis and a Doctor of Ministry Course entitled “Spiritual Leadership in the New Testament”. 

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MA - University of Toronto 

MA - Oxford University 

MEd - University of British Columbia 

PhD - University of Toronto 

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Mark’s Gospel 
Septuagint Studies 

Courses Taught:
Biblical Greek 
Matthew’s Gospel 
Mark’s Gospel 
Spiritual Leadership in the NT 
Practical Theology 
Septuagint Studies 

Society of Biblical Literature 
Institute for Biblical Research 
International Organization for Septuagint and Cognate Studies

Image of Larry J. Perkins, PhD