Kyle Crobin

Vocational Ministry Degrees

Kyle is the Lead Pastor of Immanuel Church in Abbotsford.

When did you first begin your path into vocational ministry?
I first began my pathway into vocational ministry after much wrestling with God. I was volunteering in my local church when they invited me to serve vocationally after our Youth Pastor left the church. I declined the invitation as my vocational interests were focused elsewhere. Fast forward two years, the next youth pastor had left the church, and I felt the undeniable prompting of the Holy Spirit to apply for the job and enter into vocational ministry.

Why did you choose to study at ACTS?
Though I had marketplace experience and formal secular education, I wanted to grow beyond what I had learned in church and my one year of Bible College after high school. I chose ACTS because of the school’s emphasis on practical ministry learning. I was able to take my courses part-time while engaging in full-time ministry. I also valued that the vast majority of professors had practical ministry experience.

What was one of your favorite courses to take at ACTS?
My favourite course at ACTS was Power, Change & Conflict. This course gave me practical insight and tools to navigate the unique power dynamics within the church. 

What is one lesson from seminary studies that you wish you had known before you started?
If I could go back to before I started my seminary studies, I would have encouraged myself to be more conversational and less confrontational in my approach to reading and engaging with theological and philosophical ideas that I disagreed with. 

What’s something you’re working on or researching now?
I’m currently busy at work full-time as the Lead Pastor of Immanuel Church in Abbotsford. Soon I hope to dedicate some of my free time to expand upon my graduating project so that it can be a tool used more broadly to encourage and strengthen leaders in the local church context.

Image of Kyle Crobin