Master of Divinity at ACTS Seminaries

What is a Master of Divinity?

The Master of Divinity theological degree prepares you for ministry in a church or parachurch organization. It provides the opportunity for spiritual maturity and developing practical ministry competencies. The Master of Divinity equips you with the essential skills for leading thriving communities. 

Career outcomes for Master of Divinity graduates

Career outcomes for a Master of Divinity graduate include:

•   pastoral ministry
•   adult, children, youth & young adult ministry
•   leadership in parachurch organizations
•   religious education
•   chaplaincy
•   recovery ministries
•   church planting
•   church administration and management

Specializations within the Master of Divinity program

At ACTS Seminaries, you can tailor your Master of Divinity through choosing an area of study. Choose to specialize in:

•    Apologetics
•    Biblical studies
•    Chaplaincy & spiritual care
•    Children's ministry
•    Cross-cultural ministry
•    Leadership
•    Church history
•    Pastoral ministry
•    Septuagint studies
•    Theological studies

Online and flexible seminary study options

There are many ways that you can access theological education. ACTS Seminaries offers online, live-stream, modular, evening and day courses.

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