Andrew Krause Co-Edits a New Book on the Dead Sea Scrolls

We are excited to announce the release of a new book co-edited by the Academic Director at ACTS, Dr. Andrew Krause. Entitled Dead Sea Scrolls, Revise and Repeat: New Methods and Perspectives, the book takes an interdisciplinary approach to studying the Dead Sea Scrolls. Published by the Society of Biblical Literature, this publication contributes to important cultural understanding and Biblical scholarship. More from SBL:

This book examines the identity of the Qumran movement by reassessing former conclusions and bringing new methodologies to the study of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The essays in this volume reassess the categorization of rule texts, the reuse of scripture, the significance of angelic fellowship, the varieties of calendrical use, and celibacy within the Qumran movement. Contributors consider identity in the Dead Sea Scrolls from new interdisciplinary perspectives, including spatial theory, legal theory, historical linguistics, ethnicity theory, cognitive literary theory, monster theory, and masculinity theory.

Read more and order the book on the SBL site.

Congratulations, Andrew!

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