Eight Weeks of Learning in Community: Understanding the Scope of Perspectives and Ministry in MAiD


ACTS Students taking PTH 692 – Understanding the Scope of Perspectives and Ministry in MAiD (Medical Assistance in Dying) will have the option to lead an extended group from your church or faith community to participate in the course. The topics addressed surrounding MAiD are critical to face as Christ-followers, and we hope this will prove a valuable opportunity to broaden the reach of seminary education.

Participants will increase awareness of patient, family, and healthcare worker perspectives and build skills for coming alongside. The understanding of Scripture, theological and denominational positions on MAiD will be considered as one develops a nuanced perspective.


Eight weeks (January 4 - February 27, 2021). See more below.


This course is available for small group study when one individual registers to take the course(PTH 692) for credit or audit which includes full access to all course content through the Moodle platform (current audit rate for a 3-credit course is $525). Others can join in and form a group at the early-bird rate of $ 40 each, which will include a resource & discussion guide. Those who register for credit/audit will have the ability to screen share the course video lectures to others in a small group setting, either virtual or in person.

Here's how to sign up:

  • To take this course for credit our audit as a student with ACTS Seminaries, please register as normal for courses (not on Eventbrite). If you are planning on leading a small group as a student, please have them on Evenbrite (link below).
  • To participate as a non-student in a small group or church setting, please register with the name of your student leader. Each small group member can register at Eventbrite at the link below:



  • Non-student participant early bird rate: $40.00 (by December 18)
  • Non-student participant normal rate: $75.00

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