Dr. Brian Cooper of MB Seminary Publishes a Chapter in the Handbook of Anabaptism

Congratulations to Dr. Brian Cooper of MB Seminary for his newly published chapter in the T&T Clark Handbook of Anabaptism. The extensive anthology provides diverse academic perspectives regarding the history and development of Anabaptism. By covering the Origins, Doctrine, and Influences of the tradition, the book offers rich theological insight for Christian theology today. Dr. Cooper’s Chapter, “Religious Tolerance & Freedom of Conscience,” can be found under the Doctrine section of the handbook. 

Dr. Brian Cooper received his PhD in Theological Ethics from the University of St. Michael’s College. He also earned a ThM from Wycliffe College, his MDiv from Northwest Baptist Seminary, and a Bachelor’s of Science from the University of Manitoba. Brian’s hobbies are roasting and brewing coffee, riding his motorcycle, mechanical pocket watches, and fountain pens. For exercise, he enjoys cycling, exercising on his cross-country ski trainer, and playing softball and hockey. Brian is also a bit of a car nut and backyard mechanic. See more about Brian on his website, and the T&T Clark Handbook of Anabaptism here