Embracing the Challenge of the Church in Canada

ACTS Seminaries is excited to announce the start of an initiative to strengthen our relationship with local church communities, incorporate the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and revise our curriculum to more effectively educate and form leaders needed for the church to grow and thrive in a global, multicultural Canadian context.

As a theological school located in British Columbia’s Fraser Valley, which is itself part of suburban Vancouver, we operate in an area that is historically multicultural and growing increasingly diverse. We occupy land in the unceded territory of the Sto:lo and Kwantlen First Nations, and both south and east Asian communities have thrived in the Fraser Valley for more than a century. And our online education reaches across Canada and around the world. The challenge we face is to ensure that our curriculum fully reflects the diversity of our students and the global nature of the gospel. 

ACTS Seminaries has realized the need for a deeper connection with the communities we serve in order to fulfil the mission God has given us. God’s church is a global church, and the gospel crosses all national and ethnic boundaries. Our education must do so as well. The first step in this initiative will be connecting with and listening to the churches and communities we serve, particularly the voices from non-Western, Indigenous and multi-ethnic churches who often struggle to be heard. We want to live, learn and worship together as genuine partners in God’s mission to the world.

The second step will be to walk with churches and communities in de-colonizing our curriculum to include the diversity of identities, ministry contexts and experiences in a more comprehensive and meaningful way. In particular, we want to put into practice the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission for religious and educational institutions. In doing this, we believe all our students, from all denominations and traditions, will be better educated and equipped to serve God in the multicultural Canadian context, or in any context around the world. 

The book of Revelation speaks of a great multitude, from every nation, tribe, people and language, bringing their unique gifts and treasures in worship before the throne of God. Our goal in this project is to follow this vision more faithfully in our seminaries, churches and the world. We will provide more details about this initiative as they become available, including how you can participate.