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‘Vulnerable Mission’ in Implementation of Bible Translation. Viable?

Thursday Nov 4, 1:30-2:45 pm
CanIL, Room 208, & Online 

If you're not able to join us face-to-face, join us online. Contact Bruce Wiebe ( for the Zoom link.

Learning an indigenous language enables Western missionaries to begin to grasp the categories in which local people think. It enables them to hear. When local people are required to provide needed resources, projects are guaranteed to have local relevance. How can Bible translation, and Bible translators, benefit by and be transformed by the taking up of a vulnerable posture?

The seminar will include an extended discussion time; bring your questions! If you are able, you can check out some of the following materials before the seminar:

Jim Harries (PhD Theology, University of Birmingham, UK) has worked in Bible teaching in East Africa since 1988. Based in Kenya, he cares for orphan children in his village home. His prime ministry is reaching indigenous churches using entirely indigenous languages (Swahili and Luo). He also engages in chaplaincy and theological teaching with the Coptic Orthodox Church. He chairs the Alliance for Vulnerable Mission. Jim, who is adjunct faculty at William Carey International University (California), believes more Western missionaries should do their ministry while avoiding Western languages and influence of outside donors.