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Chaplaincy In-Person/Online Program Preview Event

ACTS Seminaries would like to invite you to experience firsthand the Chaplaincy program, either online or in-person.

This event will enable you to learn about the role of chaplains in providing emotional and spiritual support to those in need, and the importance of respecting diverse beliefs and backgrounds. Take this opportunity to feel the sense of community, professional development and academic training that the program can foster.

The online program will start at 3:00PM, Thursday May 11. The zoom link will be emailed to you prior to the event if you have reserved a ticket or you can access it through your Eventbrite ticket.

Please click here to register for the online event.

If you would like to join in-person, it will be at 7:00PM, Thursday May 11. The event will be held at Fosmark Centre on the Trinity Western University campus.

Please click here for the in-person event.

The vision of the ACTS Chaplaincy/Spiritual Care program is to develop professional Chaplains/Spiritual Health Practitioners, who have a love and burden for people based on a personal spiritual commitment. Students in the ACTS Chaplaincy Program are preparing themselves professionally for a vocation that is shaped by an academic tradition with a rich Christian heritage. Recognizing Spiritual Care Practitioners are part of a professional discipline ACTS strives to ensure the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care (CASC) competencies for certified professionals are instructionally included.

Some of the courses available in the Chaplaincy program include:

  • Foundational Theory & Practice of Spiritual Care

  • Pastoral Crisis Response (CISM)

  • Ministry in MultiFaith Environments

  • Spiritual Care for the Elderly

  • Understanding the Scope of Perspectives and Ministry in MAiD

  • Spiritual Care for Dying Loss and Grief

  • Fatih, Mental Health, and Spiritual Care

  • Ethics & leadership Issues in Chaplaincy

  • Spiritual Formation for Spiritual & Mental Health Practitioners

  • Special Topics Courses are included on a variety of topics such as:
    Addictions, Disability, and Spiritual Care for Emergency Responders

  • Counselling & Psychology Courses

  • Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) as offered through CASC, or the ACTS Field-based Practicum

We continue to expand the course offerings to match student needs and the on-going development of spiritual health practitioners.