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Symposium: Climate Change, Eco-dread & Christian Wisdom

An in the Book Symposium: Climate change, eco-dread & Christian wisdom - a crisis in search of a hope-filled perspective

When: On March 16, from 8:30AM - 12:30PM

Where: Trinity Western University Campus OR Online


  1. Dr. Brian Rapske

  2. Dr. Howard Anderson

  3. Dr. Larry Perkins


  1. Dr. Estera Boldut

  2. Dr. Sam Pimentel

  3. Siyá:m Patricia Victor

Join Northwest Seminary as they use Britt Wray's book "Generation Dread" to explore the responses to and remedies for the anxiety of environmental changes.

Using Britt Wray's book Generation Dread as a launching point for analysis and conversation, we will explore the responses to and remedies for such anxiety that she proposes based upon her worldview.


From a Christian worldview perspective, we will offer a constructive critique of her treatment of climate change and propose complementary, at times different perspectives and remedies, based on the hope expressed in the biblical message. It will be an exciting and self-discovering discussion, allowing you to understand how Christians can engage this complex, at times divisive topic with scripturally-formed wisdom.

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