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Randy Wollf, PhD


Dean of MB Seminary
Director of ACTS World Campus
Associate Professor of Practical Theology and Leadership Studies 
MB Seminary


Randy loves to build capacity in individuals, teams and organizations through leadership coaching/training and innovative, visionary leadership. He is passionate about serving churches and other strategic Christian organizations in Canada and around the world as they attempt to make a maximum impact for Christ.

Randy grew up in Caronport, Saskatchewan where his parents were on staff with Briercrest Schools. After completing two years at the Bible School there, he went to Trinity Western University where he met the love of his life (although it took Lore and him a few years to realize that it was “meant to be”). Randy served as a pastor for 16 years at Langley Evangelical Free church and then 5 years as a church planting missionary (part of that time was in Thailand with Power to Change). During that time, Randy started his own document editing business called PaperLift (which today is a social enterprise that supports missionaries and worthy causes around the world). He started teaching at Trinity in 2005 in the MA in Leadership program and joined MB Seminary at the ACTS Seminaries campus in 2010 as a full-time professor in the areas of leadership and practical theology.

Randy is an avid runner and table-game player. He and Lore, along with their four children, love to travel and play in God’s beautiful creation. You can follow him on FacebookLinkedIn and Twitter or check out his blog and other resources on his website.

Randy Wollf - Complete CV

How does the Bible inform your life and teaching?
The Bible is absolutely foundational to everything I do and teach. I try to use it as a measuring stick when I'm making decisions. How might Scripture inform my thinking and how I live during and after a discernment process? I love to memorize Scripture! I recently finished memorizing the book of Proverbs. If I want to become wiser in life and in the physical and virtual classroom, I desperately need to hear from God. Meditating on Scripture, through memorizing it, helps me to do that.

Why do you value a theological education?
When I was a student at ACTS, I greatly appreciated how the courses helped me deepen my thinking. The courses gave me theological lenses, which helped me see Scripture more clearly and how God's Word applies to life and leadership. They also gave me theoretical lenses that helped me to see how Scripture can be lived out in the world in a transformative way. My theological education at ACTS also equipped me with practical skills for living out my calling in a God-honouring way. These are some of the reasons why I value theological education.

What are some of the diverse voices you incorporate into your teaching?
When selecting textbooks and other course resources, I try to include voices from women and men, and multiple cultures. When I did my doctoral studies at UBC, I became intrigued with the notion of creating communities of difference in my teaching. At ACTS, we already enjoy an amazing diversity within our classes! For me, building a community of difference involves working hard to give voice to my students. Each student has a wealth of knowledge and insight. I want everyone to benefit from the diverse perspectives present in every class.

What do you hope your students get out of your classes?
I want my students to fall more in love with Jesus. I want them to sharpen their thinking about ways they might serve God more effectively. I want them to grow skills that help them live out their God-given calling more fully.

Why are you at ACTS Seminaries?
I'm at ACTS to build capacity in others, so that they can love God more deeply and serve Him more effectively.

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PhD (Educational Studies) - University of British Columbia

MA (Educational Studies) - University of British Columbia

MRE - ACTS Seminaries

BA (Psychology) - Trinity Western University

Diploma (Religious Education) - Briercrest Bible College

Image of Randy Wollf, PhD


Leadership and Character 
Organizational Power Dynamics 
Church Leadership and Structure 

Courses Taught: 
Foundations of Christian Leadership 
Personal Dimensions of Leadership Development 
Power, Change and Conflict 
Mentoring, Team Building, Equipping 
Vision, Strategic Planning and Organizational Leadership

Select Publications

Wollf, Randy. How to Strengthen Prayer in Your Church. Mennonite Brethren Herald, Winter 2018: 14

Wollf, Randy. Healthy Body, Healthy Spirit. Mennonite Brethren Herald, Fall 2018: 13.

Wollf, Randy. Growing Leaders: Six Practices of Christian Leadership. Direction 47 (fall 2018): 239-250.

Wollf, Randy. Maximum Discipleship in the Church: A Church Leader’s Guide to Building a Strategic Approach to Making Disciples. San Bernadino, CA: Amazon Digital Services LLC, 2017.

Wollf, Randy. Navigating Church Politics: A Church Leader’s Guide for Managing Conflict and Power Struggles while Leading Organizational Change. San Bernadino, CA: Amazon Digital Services LLC, 2017.

Wollf, Randy. Leaders and Their Use of Power in Facilitating Organizational Change. Journal of Applied Christian Leadership, 8(1), Spring, 2014, 76-87.

Wollf, Randy. Six Lessons from Acts: A Peacemaker’s Guide to Addressing Conflict in the Church. MB Herald, November, 2013.

Wollf, Randy & Peregrym, Darrell. Values-based Leadership: The Foundation of Transformational Servant Leadership. Journal of Values-based Leadership, 6(2), 2013.

Image of Randy Wollf, PhD