ACTS 2024 Graduation Livestream will be live on April 20, at 1:30PM.

ACTS Seminaries Weekly Chapel

Exciting News! Weekly Chapel is back!

Starting on September 20, we invite each and every one of you to come together for a moment of reflection, inspiration, and unity. If you are on campus on Wednesdays, we give you a warm welcome to join us every week.

When: Every Wednesday, at 11:30AM
Where: Fosmark West Foyer

Spread the word, invite your friends and family, and let's create a community that can grow and support each other! To begin our weekly Chapel, we have Bill Taylor, the Board Chair of ACTS & ED of EFCC to come and give a word on choosing divine postures for life and ministry.

There will be a focus on Mark 9:33-50 when Jesus teaches the disciples on humility and service, emphasizing the greatest in God's kingdom to be the one who serves others with a humble heart. That is why we would love to have you join us to begin our Chapel with an emphasis on humility, service, and the importance of our childlike faith in the Kingdom of God.