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Vocational Ministry Degrees

A seminary degree provides a solid foundation for full-time ministry and vocational careers. Theological education deepens your understanding of the Bible, church history and faith tradition, and enables you to define, defend and share your faith in ways that are both accurate and relevant.

Find the knowledge, skills and personal formation you need in whatever profession God has called you—in the church and the world.

Vocational Ministry Degree Options

Master of Arts - Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care
Deepen your overall understanding of the scriptures, theology, personal spiritual formation and ministry skills to live out the gospel in all areas of life.

Master of Divinity
The best option for those who are called to full time ministry.

Master of Arts in Linguistics and Translation
Trains you in the techniques of applied linguistics and interpretation of biblical texts for effective cross-cultural communication and ministry.

Post-Masters Certificate in Spiritual Care
Prepares those who have already attained a Master’s degrees with the knowledge, professional competencies and necessary credentials for ministry employment as a chaplain or spiritual care practitioner.

Doctor of Ministry
A professional degree that will enhance your ministry practice by providing mentored reflection on God and the scriptures as the foundation of your ministry.

Master of Arts - Church Planting and Revitalization
Respond to the need of the North American Church by training leaders to reach the present generation with the gospel in an effective manner.