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Biblical Studies


The Bible is foundational for all we believe and do as Christians. Whether you are called to full-time ministry or live as a witness to the gospel in your community, you need to know the Bible. Biblical Studies will provide you with a strong foundation for ministry and personal faith by refining your knowledge of the Scriptures. We want to bring the Bible to life so that the Word of God becomes an essential part of your life.

So what do we do in biblical studies? We build your competence in studying and teaching the Bible through a systematic approach to interpreting Scripture. We explore various interpretive systems and strategies, learn the predominant literary genres of the Bible and ground your interpretation of the Bible within an informed understanding of the original, intended meaning of the text.


Degree Options

Biblical Studies

Graduate Diploma - Christian Studies
An introduction to biblical studies, theology and personal ministry formation.

Master of Arts - Christian Studies
Deepen your overall understanding of the scriptures, theology, personal spiritual formation and ministry skills to live out the gospel in all areas of life.

Master of Divinity
The best option for those who are called to full time ministry.

Master of Theological Studies
Equips you with expanded knowledge in a biblical or theological specialization for academic ministry or doctoral studies.

Master of Theology
Designed for those who have already completed a graduate theological degree and want to deepen their knowledge and mastery of a specific area of biblical or theological studies.

Master of Arts - Christian Studies (Mandarin) 基督教研究文学硕士
Raising a new generation of Chinese Christian leaders, educators and cultural missionaries.

Master of Divinity (Mandarin) 道学硕士
Training pastors in their native language, with the knowledge, formation and skills they need to succeed in their specific context.

Graduate Certificates (Mandarin) (基础神学)证书课程
圣经基础证书 神学基础证书 教牧基础证书


Biblical Studies

Larry J. Perkins, PhD

Mark Wessner, PhD


ACTS Seminaries welcomes applicants who confess faith in Jesus, are members in or connected with a local church, and possess a desire for academic and spiritual growth within the ACTS Seminaries community. A completed bachelor degree from an accredited university or college is the standard academic prerequisite.

Step 1 - choose your degree program
Step 2 - fill out the application form at
Step3 - submit your references and transcripts

The seminaries that constitute the Associated Canadian Theological Schools admit qualified women and men of any race, nationality or ethnic origin. Please note that meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission. ACTS may consider applicants who do not meet the minimum academic requirements, provided they can demonstrate the ability to succeed at the graduate level.