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BIB 505
Biblical Interpretation
3 Credits

This course focuses on the development of a systematic approach to the interpretation of Scripture.

BIB 520
Old Testament Foundations
3 Credits

This course will involve an introductory survey of the books of the Old Testament as part of a narrative theological investigation of this “first testament” for the Christian.

BIB 540
New Testament Foundations
3 Credits

This course provides an introductory survey to the New Testament and its social and canonical settings.

BNT 501
Introductory NT Greek I
3 Credits

The student is introduced to the basic features of New Testament Greek, including grammar, vocabulary, and oral reading.

BNT 502
Introductory NT Greek II
3 Credits

The student continues in the basic features of NT Greek, with emphasis on some of the more complex aspects of Greek grammar.

BNT 634
Gospel of Mark
3 Credits

The student will study Mark’s Gospel in detail, and apply sound hermeneutical procedures to discern the essential theological contribution.

BOT 670
3 Credits

An overview of the book of Isaiah and careful analysis of selected passages.

CCM 612
Global Theologies
3 Credits

This course seeks to extend the study of theology to the manner in which non-Western communities of Christians endeavour to shape their world by their faith.

CCM 643
World Faiths and Ways of Religion
3 Credits

Historical origins, beliefs, and practices of major world religions are examined, with the purpose of analyzing the impact of the worldview generated by each faith group in order to gain insights into potential points of contact for mission and ministry in cross-cultural encounters or in pluralistic societies.

CCM 660
Dynamics of Cross-Cultural Leadership (Korean)
3 Credits

This introduction to cross-cultural ministries and the principles which serve as their foundation is supported by case studies that provide insight into positive and negative experiences in attempts at contextualization.

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