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BIB 505
Biblical Interpretation
3 Credits

This course focuses on the development of a systematic approach to the interpretation of Scripture.

BIB 520
Old Testament Foundations
3 Credits

This course will involve an introductory survey of the books of the Old Testament as part of a narrative theological investigation of this “first testament” for the Christian.

BIB 540
New Testament Foundations
3 Credits

This course provides an introductory survey to the New Testament and its social and canonical settings.

BNT 503
Greek Tools for Exegesis
3 Credits

This course is designed to introduce NT Greek for students who have little or no prior knowledge of the language, and who will need language tools to exegete biblical texts.

BOT 601
Hebrew Exegesis I
3 Credits

A careful analysis of selected portions of the Hebrew Bible with a view to developing both the student’s proficiency in working with the biblical text in its original language and an exegetical method for elucidating the original intended meaning.

BOT 602
Hebrew Exegesis II
3 Credits

The focus of this course is on the continuing development of the student’s competence in exegeting the Hebrew Bible.

CCM 661
Church and World Mission
3 Credits

Biblical themes relating to the missionary concern of God will be examined.

CHM 661
Family Ministry
3 Credits

A study of the way in which the needs of the family are met within the church or other family work setting contexts.

CLD 510
Foundations of Christian Leadership
3 Credits

In this course, students will explore six key dimensions of leadership: a growing relationship with God, character, calling, community, team and context-appropriate competencies.

CLD 532
Power, Change and Conflict
3 Credits

A study of principles and dynamics related to the power relationships and the need for change that exists in all organizations.

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