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Filter: Master of Divinity - Global Christian Leadership (Korean)

THS 614
Global Theologies
3 Credits

This course seeks to extend the study of theology to the manner in which non-Western communities of Christians endeavour to shape their world by their faith.

CCM 661
Church and World Mission
3 Credits

Biblical themes relating to the missionary concern of God will be examined.

CLD 531
Theology and Practice of Spiritual Leadership
3 Credits

The spiritual growth of the Christian leader cannot be left to chance. Such progress is intentional, developmental, and cumulative; guided by the Holy Spirit, and nurtured among other believers.

CLD 533
Mentoring, Team Building and Equipping
3 Credits

Students will grow in their understanding of equipping, mentoring, and team-building ministry, and develop skills in these areas, with the aim of leaving a strong leadership legacy characterized by the formation of cohesive teams.

PTH 603
Integrative Preaching
3 Credits

The student will study the preparation and delivery of expository sermons with in-class preaching and evaluation. Videotape feedback will form a major component of evaluation.

PTH 613
Evangelism and Faith Formation 
3 Credits

This course focuses on helping students develop an incarnational and prayerful approach to making disciples where they journey with people as Jesus’ representatives and spokespeople.

HIS 540
History of Christianity I
3 Credits

A chronological survey of the history of Christianity from the first century until the eve of the Reformation.

CCM 660
Dynamics of Cross-Cultural Leadership (Korean)
3 Credits

This introduction to cross-cultural ministries and the principles which serve as their foundation is supported by case studies that provide insight into positive and negative experiences in attempts at contextualization.