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CHP 630
Biblical and Theological Foundations of Chaplaincy
3 Credits

One of two foundational chaplaincy/spiritual care courses, designed to help students understand how the contemporary practice of chaplaincy integrates lessons from the human and behavioral sciences with the pastoral practice of chaplaincy as rooted in the disciplines of biblical and theological studies.

CHP 631
Foundational Theory and Practice of Spiritual Care
3 Credits

One of two foundational chaplaincy/spiritual care courses, this class will explore the professionalization of chaplaincy in contemporary society.

CHP 650
Pastoral Crisis Response
3 Credits

Learners will be equipped with an understanding of how pastoral interventions and traditional psychological crisis interventions can be effectively integrated.

CHP 540
Pastoral Care for Dying, Grief and Loss
3 Credits

Pastors, chaplains, counselors and other helping professionals will develop a pastoral theology and response to dying, grief and loss through biblical, cultural, and psychological insights.

PTH 605
Pastoral Counselling 
3 Credits

This class explores pastoral counseling in the context of pastoral care from a family systems perspective.

CHP 700
Chaplaincy Practicum
3 Credits

This practicum experience will allow graduate students to integrate and apply the skills and knowledge gained through course work with the ministry of chaplaincy.

CHP 640
Ethics and Leadership Issues in Chaplaincy
3 Credits

An examination of issues of personal and professional ethics and leadership that arise in the context of professional chaplaincy ministry.