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Course Descriptions

Filter: Master of Arts in Linguistics and Translation

LIN 560
Morphosyntax II
3 Credits

This course explores the rich variety of syntactic and semantic structures found in human language, deepening the students’ understanding of syntactic phenomena.

LIN 570
Language and Culture Acquisition
3 Credits

This course introduces students to theories of second language and second culture acquisition.

LIN 585
Principles of Translation
3 Credits

This course covers the process of translating from a source language to a target language.

LIN 593
Semantics and Pragmatics
3 Credits

This course provides students with the theoretical tools with which to study meaning at the word and sentence levels, and to explain how people interpret utterances in context.

LIN 599
Philosophical Perspectives in Linguistics
3 Credits

An examination of the philosophical basis of human language and communication, with special attention to issues relating to semantics, discourse, lexicon, metaphor, and translation–all the areas that deal with meaning creation.

LIN 583
Language Programs Design and Management
3 Credits

This course investigates the sociolinguistic and background factors upon which a language development program for speakers of vernacular languages may be based.

LIN 555
Historical and Comparative Linguistics
3 Credits

This course introduces students to language change. It considers how and why languages change and the role of language contact.

LIN 580
Field Methods: Data Management and Analysis
3 Credits

An exploration of practical methodology for managing, analyzing and describing language data.

BIB 505
Biblical Interpretation
3 Credits

This course focuses on the development of a systematic approach to the interpretation of Scripture.