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Course Descriptions

Filter: Master of Arts - Christian Worldview Studies (Korean)

WVS 500
Worldview Foundations (Korean) 3 Credits

This course begins with a consideration of the anthropological and sociological understandings of a “worldview” and how it works to shape personal and community ethos.

WVS 601
Worldviews in the Biblical World 3 Credits

This course is designed to elucidate the worldviews that are behind and in the biblical text.

FSC 501
Christian Worldview and Education 3 Credits

Formal and informal education in Korean society is overviewed and evaluated from within a biblical perspective.

FSC 502
Christian Worldview and Social Issues 3 Credits

This course is designed to present the Christian perspectives on current social issues in the 21st Century such as capitalism and economic justice, taxation and land ethics, social corruption, the handicapped and social welfare and economic growth.

WVS 540
Christian Worldview and Biblical Spirituality 3 Credits

All aspects of Christian life should be guided and guarded by the Bible. Spirituality is not an exception, no matter how noble and lofty it may sound. Various works on spiritual theology including the those of Eugene Peterson will be discussed during the course.

WVS 501
Oriental Culture and Christian Worldview 3 Credits

Students consider the oriental thought and its worldview(s) in the light of Christian truth.

SCS 691
Creation Studies Field Trip 3 Credits

This is a field trip course for creation studies designed for worldview study students who do not have a science background.