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BIB 505
Biblical Interpretation
3 Credits

This course focuses on the development of a systematic approach to the interpretation of Scripture.

THS 571
Theology I
3 Credits

This course introduces the student to church theology.

HIS 540
History of Christianity I
3 Credits

A chronological survey of the history of Christianity from the first century until the eve of the Reformation.

HIS 541
History of Christianity II
3 Credits

A continuation of HIS 540, this course examines issues and movements in the history of western Christianity from the Reformation to the present.

CLD 510
Foundations of Christian Leadership
3 Credits

In this course, students will explore six key dimensions of leadership: a growing relationship with God, character, calling, community, team and context-appropriate competencies.

PTH 603
Integrative Preaching
3 Credits

The student will study the preparation and delivery of expository sermons with in-class preaching and evaluation. Videotape feedback will form a major component of evaluation.

PTH 605
Pastoral Counselling 
3 Credits

This class explores pastoral counseling in the context of pastoral care from a family systems perspective.

PTH 600
Pastoral Formation 
3 Credits

This course deals with the theology and methodology of pastoral formation.

BNT 501
Introductory NT Greek I
3 Credits

The student is introduced to the basic features of New Testament Greek, including grammar, vocabulary, and oral reading.

BOT 501
Elementary Hebrew I
3 Credits

This course constitutes the first half of an introduction to the elements of Hebrew grammar, with an emphasis on morphology, phonology, parsing, vocabulary building, reading, and translation of simple sentences.