Estera Boldut, PsyD

Director of the Marriage and Family Therapy Program
Assistant Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy
Trinity Western Seminary

Before coming to ACTS, Estera coordinated orphanages in Romania. She continues to work with families who have children with disabilities, adults with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, acquired brain injury, and families who adopted children from difficult places.Among her areas of expertise are adoption issues, working with adults with developmental disabilities who also struggle with mental health, and the integration of spirituality and therapy. Estera enjoys camping, hiking, and running with her husband and daughter. 


BTh - University of Bucharest 

BSW - University of Bucharest 

MAMFT - ACTS Seminaries 

PsyD - California Southern University

Image of Estera Boldut, PsyD


Clinical Supervision 
Development of the Person of the Therapist 
Medical Family Therapy 
Spirituality and Mental Health 

AAMFT Clinical Fellow 
Board Member of the BC Association for Marriage and Family Therapy 
Professional Development Chair for the BC Association for Marriage and Family Therapy 
Christian Association for Psychological Studies 
Registered Social Worker, BC College of Social Workers

Image of Estera Boldut, PsyD